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OUR mission

We provide funding for a wide range of industries.  We specialize in startups but can also accommodate existing operating entities for additional capital growth.


This week we meet with the Prime Minister of the Bahamas to discuss home building projects on the island.  Using a more efficient mode of construction CLEAR Capital Partners aims to help build better homes that can withstand extreme weather found in the Caribbean.

Check back for more details.

giving back

At CLEAR Capital Partners we look for projects that create a better world.  Humanitarian projects such as providing clean water, investing in clean energy, improving air quality and improving housing are all part of what we do.  Visit this page again to see updates in the humanitarian portion of our portfolio.

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CLEAR Capital Partners specialize in the following areas of investment

  • Technology
  • Insurance
  • Medical Tech
  • Manufacturing
  • Water Purification
  • Utilities

our  team

Michael Brown

Managing Partner

Partner Michael Brown
Gary Goff

Managing Partner

Partner Gary Goff