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Classic Auto

Special cars need special protection. Driving your classic car can make you feel like you own the open road. But it may take more than traditional auto insurance to help protect something so special.

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Classic Auto

The clear advantage

CLEAR Insurance provides a single point of contact for clear, understandable and unbiased recommendations for all your insurance needs. Whether in the area of commercial coverages for a business or in personal coverage, the CLEAR Insurance team is here to help you protect what matters most.

How classic car insurance can help?

Traditional auto coverage may not offer the special protection your classic car needs. Unlike an ordinary policy, classic car insurance may reimburse you for your vehicle's value if it's damaged or destroyed. An agent can give you a quote and write up your policy.

How is classic car insurance different from regular car insurance?

While some policies require classic car owners to meet certain conditions such as:

  • Only operate the car on a limited basis
  • The car must be restored, maintained, and preserved in its original condition, or undergoing a restoration.
  • Storage in an enclosed building
  • Has a regular-use vehicle also covered

Some policies do not have these restrictions and in some cases can provide:

  • Lower premiums
  • Guaranteed value
  • Flexible usage
  • Repair shop of choice

Types of vehicles that can be covered under a Classic Auto insurance policy?
  • Antiques and classics
  • Modern classics (1980 or newer)
  • Muscle cars, sports cars and race cars
  • Classic trucks and SUVs
  • Modified vehicles, hot rods and replicas
  • Custom builds and vehicles under restoration
  • Old military vehicles, antique tractors and retired fire trucks

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