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An Event Insurance policy gives you short, one time coverage for your event. Whether you need coverage as a vendor or as an event organizer, we have tons of options when it comes to getting the exact coverage you need. We’ve insured everything from small corporate events to large concerts. Ask an agent today to see if we can help you find an event insurance policy that’s right for you!

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The clear advantage

CLEAR Insurance provides a single point of contact for clear, understandable and unbiased recommendations for all your insurance needs. Whether in the area of commercial coverages for a business or in personal coverage, the CLEAR Insurance team is here to help you protect what matters most.

What is event insurance?

Event Insurance is a General Liability policy designed to protect the event holder for most claims of guest or spectator injury or property damage arising from the event. This type of coverage is often required from the venue.

What is the purpose of event insurance?

Event Liability Insurance is intended to protect the event holder (venue renter) from having to pay out of their own pocket for most claims of injury or property damage due to their event.

Do I need insurance for an event?

If you are using someone else's space for a meeting, party, or wedding ceremony, then you need Event General Liability insurance. Most venues require this insurance to protect you and them from any claims of injury to attendees or damage to the venue. Always check the rental agreement for the venue's insurance requirements. If they don't specifically include what type of insurance is required, check the agreement for what you will be held responsible for. You'll likely be held personally responsible for anything that happens at the venue while you and your guests are there.

Additionally, if you're investing a lot of money in your event, you may want to purchase event insurance simply for the cancellation coverage so you can be reimbursed for any lost deposits.

What does event insurance cover?

Event insurance is a popular choice for weddings, but it can be purchased for other types of events as well, like birthday parties, meetings, festivals, and silent charity auctions. The type of event that is covered and the amount of coverage you get can vary depending on the insurer.

Generally, coverage can be found to cover

  • Liability
  • Cancellation
  • Gifts & Attire

Special Consideration

Make sure to buy your policy on time. Some insurers may require you to purchase event insurance a specific number of days prior to your event.

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